Guidelines for your Field Observation Report


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The Pre-service Teacher Education faculty at SU is committed to providing programs that draw on extensive field experiences throughout the curriculum that will result in better-trained educators. Accordingly, this course includes a field component requiring students to conduct classroom observations and to turn in a FIELD OBSERVATION REPORT. This task requires a minimum ofThree (3) hours of observation in EITHER a mainstream classroom or, for ESOL majors/ minors, a class where linguistic/ culturally diverse students are present or an ESL class. You can choose either k-12 or adult classes. The observer should take brief notes on how these students interact with the rest of the class and the teacher, what special provision, if any, has been made to meet the academic needs of these learners, are the tasks and assignments suitable, what sort of activities took place the specifically met the needs of the linguistically/ culturally diverse students. The report should be typed. Length: +/- 1½ pages. The text of the report should consist of:


a) a very brief summary of the observation (e.g. population details, classroom context, subject, lesson objectives if applicable, type of assessment taking place, etc.,


b) a section incorporating a reaction to what was noticed during the observation sessions, and


c) specific recommendations as to how YOU would address the situation observed given what you have read in your assigned readings. That is, you should provide a rationale justifying your recommendation.


Making arrangements for the observation visits is up to you so as to allow for varying schedules. You may attend a high school, middle or elementary school classroom for your observations. It is up to the individual students to contact the principal’s/ supervisor’s office to secure permission to visit the class, make the necessary arrangements with a teacher, and follow all pertinent protocols. With the large diverse population in the district, you should face no problems finding a convenient school. You are free to choose any school and/or teacher to conduct your observations and you may perform these (particularly the mainstream observation) as part of other field experience placements for your other courses if you so desire. Students interested in adult education will find adult classes in the area offered through the local school board, volunteer organizations, a community college or the English Language Institute at SU. If you still experience difficulty identifying a place to visit, please contact the instructor. Since finding a suitable time for a visit may prove challenging, it is suggested that arrangements are initiated early in the semester.


What is crucial to this task is that you be able to relate what you observe to what you have been studying about addressing the needs of linguistically/ culturally diverse learners. This task is not intended for you to provide a detailed description to what you observed in the classroom, but rather that you provide a response/reaction to what you observed based on what you have learned from readings and class discussions, i.e., provide informed recommendations. It is worth mentioning that, in the past, students have observed that this has been one of the most worthwhile activities in their professional training. Make the most of it!  



Note: PLEASE see the attached doc, its an example of what this assignment should look like. so technically create a scenrio to do this assignment.         


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