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Write bibliographic entries for each of the following.

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who knows this
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1.       A book called Cat Attack by Judy Brown. It was published in 1996 in New York at Bantam Books.










2.       A magazine article published on May 1, 1998 in Winger. It is titled Heart of the Tiger and was written by James Colby.  It ran on pages 34 and 36.










3.       A book published in 1993 at Penguin Press. The author is Norris Upton and the title of the book is The Friendly Shakespeare. The city of publication is New York.












4.       A book by Jay Silverman, Elaine Hughes, and Diana Roberts Wienbroer that was published by McGraw-Hill Publishing Company in 1990 in New York. The title is Rules of Thumb and it is subtitled A guide for Writers.












5.       An article from the Natchez Democrat titled Kite Bazaar. It appeared on March 1, 1994 in section D on page 8. The author was Jenny Toddler.


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