Two pages double-spaced_Reaction Paper



Reaction Paper

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Two pages double-spaced_Reaction Paper
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*Each person must write a reaction paper to the project stating your contributions, discoveries about what you learned and your experience with the project. Rate each member of your group from 1 to 10, 10 being the best and justify why you gave them that grade. (no sources required) (2 pages double-spaced) Each person must print their own paper out and bring it to include in the folder on your presentation day. Include your name on the top left.

Group Members:

1. Nicholas Torres_ written portion of Political System.

2. Raul_ Written Portion of Social structure/behaviors/rule and how they are enforced.

3. Paola Flores_ Written Portion introduction, conclusion, and source page.

4. Olivia Pannell_ In charge of the PowerPoint.

5. Ivan Lara_ choreography and written description of the significance of the dance in relation to the culture.

We had a group project and I just need you to make up a reaction paper about each member of the group contribution.  Please write Positive ratings about the group members.

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