two essays


1. In the article “Why are General Education Courses Required,” Leigh Goessl believes that even if students object to taking General Education courses,  schools should have the requirement.  In your opinion should General Education course be required for all students?  You need to develop your argument with a minimum of two well-explained reasons.  You may use a personal experience, but you must also present  an example that applies to any student.


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2. In Leigh Goessl’s article, “Why are General Education Course Required,” she focuses on the value of General Education courses.  Given that California State University, East Bay requires all students to complete a General Education Program, do you believe that those courses are mostly beneficial or harmful to students?  Be sure to use specific examples and explanations.  Also, be sure to keep the focus on the positives and/or negatives of GE, not if GE should be required or not.



by: Leigh Goessl


From: Published: March 3, 2008

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