Tweets Gone Wrong!! 350 Word Summary


Choose an example where people have used Twitter on behalf of their organization or themselves (public/well-known figures) to send tweets that have resulted in doing damage to their own image/reputation, or their company’s image/reputation.

In an essay:

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Tweets Gone Wrong!! 350 Word Summary
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  • What do you think was the sender’s intent for sending the tweet? What was the actual outcome from sending the tweet?
  • What was the resulting damage? Can the damage from the tweet be repaired?
  • Discuss your case as it relates to public relations.


Meeting minimum requirements (-answering all parts of assignment correctly, min. 350 words, spell/grammar checked) earns a satisfactory grade of 75-80. Extra effort—-going above and beyond minimum requirements = higher grade.

Be sure to answer all parts of the assignment’s bullet points. State your sources. Spell/grammar check, as well as proofread. Writing counts!


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