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Essay Response 4: Draft of Service Learning Essay

Write a short draft or outline (100-250 words) of your final Service Learning Essay.  For this essay you will need to formulate your own theological question regarding our theme of inner-city gun violence.  The final essay will ask you to look at our readings and discussions in class, as well as your own service-learning experience, to help answer it.  For this draft assignment you must formulate your question, propose a tentative answer, and identify some useful source material.  You should include:

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1. A statment of your theological question
2. A summary of your thinking on the question, including a tentative answer
3. A list of four sources from our class readings that will help you answer this question
4. A brief note on anything from your service learning experience that shed light on this question

the readings we did were Don’t shoot by David m. kennedy and the Bible so you can use sources from here and question #4 we did a walk through a gangster neighborhood to help the community by offering any kind of help that they needed either educational oppourtunities or financial so you can reflect on that somehow

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