Synthesis paper


  1. Students will write a synthesis paper at least five pages in length and a minimum of 1500 words.

Synthesis Paper

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Synthesis paper
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Students finalize this project by writing a synthesis paper relating their field experience and journals to course concepts and demonstrate the ability to think critically about the experience by making connections and providing insights about the field. It is suggested that students choose at least four concepts covered in the course and synthesize them with the responses from the interviewee. Each connection must conclude with insights relative to similarities and differences that surface between the field experience and the course itself. Students are encouraged to think critically and make suggestions that are relevant to either improving themselves, the business, or the leadership. (Students usually see real world examples of what we are learning in class during this project, however sometimes they end up in a “what not to do” interview. This is excellent fodder for a paper on improvements using applicable course concepts.)

Please relate the significance of this project to your course work. Select at least four course concepts that surfaced during your interview. It is a good idea to review the first interview to identify concepts. If you are low on ideas, the   second interview is a great time to ask more questions!


For Example: If during the interview, the manager talks about training of employees at length, then this is a good topic for you to discuss in your paper by connecting it to topics covered in class and in your text. Share the main idea expressed by the manager, then refer back to what the course (text, notes) says about training (i.e., types of training) and then identify what type the manager may have talked about and give an example of how the manager carries out this training in the workplace. If you do this, you have created the synergy intended for this project!



Format: one inch margins, 11 pts. Double spaced. There should not be heading except on the cover sheet. Cover sheet will have your name, my name, the name of the course and the date.

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