Summarize an article



I have an Article that I need to summarize to one page essay.  these are the tips to do the assignment.

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Summarize an article
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**** Write a one-page essay structured as follows:  (An example is below)




            a. What is the title of the article?


            b. Who wrote it?


            c. What magazine/journal/periodical published it?


d. Provide the date of publication


            e. Which of the databases did you use? (internet sites or blogs are not allowed)


            f. What keyword did you search for?


Paragraph 2. Summarize the article.  What is it about? (Do not “lift” passages from the article)


Paragraph 3. What interested you about this article?  Why did you choose it?





**** Essay Format:




ü  Upper left hand corner of the paper should have (single-spaced)




                        Your Name




                        Days and Time of Class




                        Project #5




ü  One-Page (20-23 lines of text)




ü  Typed




ü  Double Spaced (Format—>Paragraph—>Spacing—>Double—>Click OK)




ü  1” Margins (Format—>Document—>Change Margins—>Click OK)




ü  10-point font




ü  Don’t forget to proofread your paper!





I also attached a sample essay as an example! the price of this assignment is 13$.


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