Subculture Questions ((bikers culture)).


Name of Subculture:  Name of Interviewee:  Date of Interview:  Method (Personal, FaceTime, Skype, Email, Phone?)

Bikers Culture:  Hazard:  08 April 2013:  FaceTime Interview

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Subculture Questions ((bikers culture)).
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            Briefly explain why you chose this person. Why is this person considered authoritative?  In which category does this person fall:  1) current or former member of subculture,  2) scholar who has published on this subculture, or 3) someone who works professionally with this subculture?


Subculture Questions ((bikers culture)).

1-When did the person start begin a part of biker culture? 



2-How did you feel after joining this group?



3-How does the community at large feel about this biker culture?



4-What made you get into this culture ? What prompted you?



5-What is it likes to be a day in the life of you or your culture?



6-What is so significant about your culture?



7-What do you like/ What don’t like about your culture?



8-How long has this culture been around?/ Where did this culture start?



9-What is your agenda/ massage/ movement?



10-What are the roles of man and women in this subculture?



11-What is the point of the biker culture?



12-What are some symbols and meanings in the biker culture?



13–How did you feel after joining this group?



14-What are some goals for your group?



15-How does your culture influence your fashion choices?




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