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Research Paper and Annotated Bibliography

DUE: First draft due April 14, 2014 Final draft due April 30, 2014

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POINTS: Up to 200 as follows: Research Paper100

*Annotated Bibliography50 PowerPoint Presentation50

Instructions: After reading Toni Morrison’s novel, The Bluest Eye, find an idea that emerged that you can write an opinion that you hold about the novel topic and that you can also research to further develop your opinion (i.e., pathos, logos, and/or ethos). You can create your own research paper topic; however, this topic must be approved by me. Topics that could be developed are as follows: Innocence/experience (theme topic), childhood, gendered toys for children (dolls), identity, beauty/ugly, parents (roles, responsibilities, etc.), philosophies about children through the ages like “children should be seen and not heard,” or “adults don’t initiate conversation with your children,” love/hate, poverty, relationships between men and women; language (dialect) of various cultures; human flaw, proper societal behaviors, desire or dreams.

Thesis: You must have a persuasive argument that you convey to some type of audience for your research paper. Remember to narrow the scope of your interest as much as possible.

Paper Size Requirements: MLA formatted (meaning properly formatted and citing research), 5 pages (not including Annotated Bibliography). You must use the novel, but sparingly. No large block quotes will be permitted. Paraphrase ideas and use ellipses to cut out unnecessary materials when making a point or supporting YOUR ideas from the novel.

You must show that you have knowledge of literary analysis and literary devices used in fiction. For example, you may want to persuade your audience about a theme or tone that emerged.

Research: A variety of credible resources to support YOUR ideas. Predominately use the library, .org., .net., .gov. and/or .edu. Try to limit .com. This paper is NOT an encyclopedia. Tell me something that your audience does not know or that they would not find in an encyclopedia.

Expectation: Completely polished with the writing process (drafting, revising, and editing for proper academic voice and academic development of your topic.) Do NOT use “you,” contractions; use powerful verbs and active writing versus passive writing. You MUST be able to discuss literature and how this contributes to your analysis (setting, structure (conflict), characterization, point of view, language/literary element such as analogy, irony, or others.

* We will go over Annotated Bibliography in class. Also, you can research Purdue On Line and other websites for more on how to create this type of Bibliography. This is something to be prepared where you list ALL sources you have located even if not used to cite in your paper.

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