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now it is time to add in the support that external sources provide. Think of your sources as a scholarly friend standing beside you when you make a claim saying that you are right. This friend cannot be the main  speaker, but can offer affirmation of whatever you are saying. Cite every idea that is not your own. Be sure to indicate quotation marks and APA style citation presicely what material is from a direct quote, paraphrasing, or summary, so as to avoid plagiarism.

Here are the traint of a good second draft:

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  • your paper should at this point, 6 pages of text in length, not counting the title, reference, or abstract pages( the final will be between 8-10 pages of test)
  • your paper makes a single, main point, a single argumentative claim that is not too broad, not too narrow, not a fact and not a feeling.
  • all sentences in your paper directly to and support your single thesis statement.
  • your support your initial claim with the university-level evidence gathered during your research and occasionally with personal experience objectively presented from the third person point of view
  • you correctly cite, in APA style, every claim that is not your own or common knowledge and include all neccessary information. each reference page entry must have at least one corresponding in-text citation.
  • In-text citations are correctly formed with author’s last names and year-dates.
  • you give full credit for any idea that are not your own.
  • quotes are correctly formatted in either quote marks when short or extension blockquotes when long
  • your main point is an original clain that is consistence with current research on the subject selected.
  • you avoid fallacious arguments
  • your word choice and language level show that you have a college-level audience in mind
  • you present the strongest arguments aganist your claim
  • you reply appropiately to all objections, agreeing with those that are correct, showing the errors in those that are not correct and acknowledging any areas where you are uncertain.
  • you include a properly formatted APA style title/ cover page. the text should be centered and include all the required information.
  • your abstract is presented correctly without indents and present an accurate overview of the paper.
  • you include a properly formatted running head and page number on each page
  • your text in the body of your paper is formed with one inch margins all around in 12 point times new roman plain, black font
  • the paper ends with a properly formatted, APA style reference page that is double-spaced with hanging indentation proper capitalization and italicization of major titles.
  • the reference page conforms to expeciation of APA format for books periodicals and web-sites


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