Revise these sentences.


1.            Because we need more space for our new inventory, we’re staging a two-for-one sale.

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Revise these sentences.
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2.            So that we may bring our customer records up-to-date and eliminate the expense of duplicate mailings, we are asking you to complete the enclosed card.


3.            If you had listened to our agent more carefully, you would know that your policy does not cover accidents outside the United States.


4.            The salary we are offering is commensurate with other managers’ remuneration.


5.            Pursuant to your invitation, we will interrogate our agent.


6.            It would not be inadvisable for you to affix your signature at this point in time.


7.            Our Accounting Department takes this opportunity to inform you that we have credited your account for the aforementioned sum.


8.            There are four new menu items we must promote.


9.            It is perfectly clear that meetings held on a monthly basis are most effective.


10.          Each and every employee may change and alter their schedule to accommodate customer business.


11.          As for the area of athletic shoes, the degree of profits sagged. 


12.          This is to inform you that we have a toll-free service line.


13.          We must conduct an investigation of all parking violations before we can give consideration to your fine.


14.          Pursuant to your request, enclosed please find a job application.


15.          Your goal should be to write business messages that are concise, clear, and written with courteousness.

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