response paper


MEMOIR: Respond to one of the prompts below.  A response of at least one page will get you 10 points.  You may submit up to three.


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response paper
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HAIR ON FIRE:  Write about a time in your life in which you were so panicked that it was as if your hair were on fire.

FORBIDDEN FRUIT:  Write about a time you did something you knew was wrong because you wanted to (or because you wanted something else.)

PEARLS BEFORE SWINE: Write about a time in which you presented something you were proud of that went unappreciated.

WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD: Write about an “I told you so” experience in which you gave someone excellent advice that they ignored to their own peril. 

WHAT PLANET ARE YOU ON?: Write about a time in which you temporarily lost touch with reality for some reason.

GET A GRIP: Write about a time in which you could not contain your emotions and it showed. 


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