Response for The Drowsy Chaperone


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Response for The Drowsy Chaperone
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Write one fully developed paragraph ( 5-7 complete sentences) for each question and be sure to provide specific examples of moments from the performance to support all of your thoughts;  you should find yourself using words/phrases like “because,” “such as,” and “for example” often.  There are four underlined terms for each question, choose at least three of those terms to include in your paragraph and be sure that it is clear through your writing that you understand their meaning! 

However, do not feel compelled to answer each of the sub-questions, but rather use them as a general guide to frame your complete response on each topical area. 

Please note:  Length of essay answers must go beyond the specified length to get full credit.  The length specified for answers are the minimum.  If you only meet the minimum, you will receive a C “passing” (equivalent points) for that question. 

Points will be deducted for misspelling, lack of punctuation, texting acronyms and improper case use

  1. Theme and Meaning:  What is the theme of this play (the main idea?) How does the overall theme and meaning of this play relate to and express the present day culture and values of society?  Identify this form of drama (for example:  comedy, tragedy, Shakespeare, musical, storytelling?)  Explain how these characters in the play and the form of drama is relevant to American Culture today.
  2. Design:  OVERALL- Did the elements of the production seem to be unified and to fit together seamlessly?  How was this reflected in the visual elements (the scenery, props, costumes, lighting, etc.)?  

Select ONLY ONE of the following design areas (either scenic, lighting, or costumes) for your response. 

SCENERY – Was the style of the scenery realistic (like rooms of a real house or space) or nonrealistic (abstract forms and shapes on a bare stage?)  Was the setting a specific place, or was it recognizable or a real locale?  Did that choice seem appropriate for the play? Discuss the effectiveness of the set (scenery or pieces of scenery which stand independently in a scene) and the props ( properties; objects that are used by performers onstage or are necessary to complete a set – usually props will be carried and used by an actor onstage.) What sort of atmosphere did the set suggest?  How was this atmosphere created?  How was color used in the set?  Did it suggest mood or place? 

COSTUMES – Did each of the character’s costumes seem appropriate for the style (realistic or nonrealistic) of the piece?  Did the costumesindicate or help you identify a character’s personality, social status, occupation, etc.?  Why or why not?  Did the costume help establish who these characters were?  How was color used?  Did the costumes support the actor’s work    (i.e. could they move, walk, etc. appropriately to the demands of the show?)

LIGHTING – Describe the mood of the lighting.  How was color and intensity (how bright or how dim the lights are set) used to affect mood?  What other characteristics of light were used to affect mood?  Was the lighting appropriate for the style (realistic or nonrealistic) of the piece?  Was it appropriate for each scene?  Why or why not? 

  1. Acting:   Were the performers believable, given the requirements of the play?  If so, how did they seem to accomplish this?  If not, what occurred to impair or destroy believability?  (As you discuss this, be sure to separate the performer from the characters. For example, you can dislike a character but admire the performance. )  Did the technical abilities of the performers support their work?  [i.e. vocal traitslike loudness and articulation; physical traits like appropriate movement and natural gesturing:  believability of specific  actions ( as opposed to general) and relationship to other characters]  How so or how not?  Suggestions:  compare & contrast more than one character!

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