Researching and Outlining the Topic "Why we have too few women leaders"



For this Submission Assignment, you must create an outline to begin preparation for an oral presentation of 5–8 minutes that you will be delivering live during Unit 4. The outline will require researching a topic of professional or career interest and organizing the beginning structure of your presentation. Use this template to generate your individual outline for the assignment.

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Researching and Outlining the Topic "Why we have too few women leaders"
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Specifically, you will complete the following:

  • Pick a professional or career topic that is of personal interest to you (e.g., becoming a manager, criminal justice careers, programming, interview tips and techniques, fast-growing career trends, networking skills, preparing a resume, employment search strategies, etc.).
  • Request your instructor’s approval of the topic via e-mail.
  • Research information on the approved topic. A minimum of 3 credible sources are required.
    • Note: You will use this information in a future assignment for the creation of 7–10 PowerPoint slides and 5–8 minutes of live presentation time during Unit 4.
  • Determine the purpose of your presentation. (Your classmates and the instructor will be the intended audience.)
  • Organize your presentation ideas in a logical sequence to accomplish your purpose.
  • Create an outline using the outline format provided in your textbook. Be sure that your outline expresses the topic, the purpose, the central idea, the body content, and the conclusion.
  • Create a References page following APA format, which lists your researched sources. Review Appendix A of your text for citation and reference formatting guidelines. You must have a minimum of 3 credible sources.

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