Research Assignment



     This assignment is in three parts: the 1400 word essay; the 200 word abstract (or summary); and annotated bibliography.

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Research Assignment
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Annotated Bibliography (5%)

Abstract (5%)

Final Paper (20%)ption and Instructions:

     The research essay will be approximately 1600 words. You should pick a topic which you feel strongly about in order to present an appropriate thesis and supporting arguments. Consider a topic that has arisen from one of your other classes. However, you cannot write one paper for two classes. 

To Do: Once you have decided on a topic, please send me  a brief description of the topic and what you hope to develop through the research you undertake. My prof wants to know what is my topic on November 12, 2013

The paper will require research, citations, and references, documented following the conventions of the APA (see sample essay; see library resources).You should employ many, if not all, of the prewriting techniques to narrow and select your topic. After preliminary research, (documented in your Annotated Bibliography), you should build a clear outline to help keep your writing focused and coherent.

Essays will be evaluated on: strength of organization, structure of focused paragraphs, variety of persuasive strategies, integration of research material, effectiveness of transitions, accuracy of grammar, and flawless utilization of APA style.

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