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I need  two short essay, each week have one and both need to talk about the daodejing in the last paragraph. each one need one page and single space. the first paragraph talk about the reading material, the second talk about the daodejing. you can google the reading material easily.


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Week VI DB Post IV by Thursday 6:00 p.m.    Daodejing 4,10, 13, 22

2/15  Genesis, other selections  (from handout at Blackboard)

2/17  Koran, Surah 1, 2

2/19  Koran, Surah II            


Week IX DB Post V by Thursday 6:00 p.m.  DDJ 5, 60, 70

3/7  Antigone, to line 330

3/9   Antigone to line 580  

3/11 Antigone to line 943




Daodejing Chapters: These chapters are suggestions for the last section of Discussion Board posts or for our discussions in the classroom. You do not have to use these chapters for this work—feel free to use any passage in discussion or at the Discussion Board.


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