process essay


2. Write a Process Essay

Choose from one of the writing options below or create your own topic.  It should be something you know how to do well, such as changing the oil in a car, cooking a special food, or drawing blood from a patient. Whatever you choose, explain it fully, detailing the process in an organized step by step manner.  No research should be conducted for this assignment.   This essay should be a minimum of 300 words.


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process essay
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  • How to manage time or stress
  • How to study for an exam, or pass a class, such as English composition
  • How to achieve success (or failure) in college, on the job, or in life
  • How to perform a process on the job
  • How to plan a vacation, or make the most of vacation
  • How to construct or assemble a small item
  • How to plan the perfect wedding, party or other celebration
  • How to eat right or get in shape

i say use option #3

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