PR Module 3 SLP



I am glad that your essay has a title. That’s a good start. Let’s take a look at it:

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PR Module 3 SLP
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Aim to have a title that interests the reader. For example, what type of equipment will be upgraded? Students have discussed treadmills or tanks. Be specific, and then aim to have a really specific, interesting title, too.

I see that the essay is offering many reasons to use PowerPoint, but I still don’t see a description of the specific type of equipment to be upgraded.

Let’s look at this sentence:

The focus will be the ways in which the equipment upgrade may bring on the organization’s job description, usability, income increase, productivity improvement, budget and several other important aspects concerning the business.

This is good, but I still don’t know exactly what is being upgraded.

The essay is a little short. Let’s look at the requirements again:

Be sure to include the specific characteristics of the situation being presented to your colleagues– i.e., replacing equipment, the required training, etc. — and explain how those characteristics affected your choice of presentation software.

Assignment Expectations:

    Write three-four page Analysis
    Address the scenario/situation

The essay does not meet the minimum length requirements for the assignment. Some students will write one line past the minimum length to make sure it is fulfilled. In this case, write three full pages and one additional line.

I am giving this work a grade of PR (Pending Revision) because it does not address the specific scenario/situation (what is being upgraded?) and it is too short. The revised work must be uploaded to the additional student files area of the module before the end of the course. If the work is not revised, the grade becomes a 0.

The essay is a good start, but it is not specific enough. Name the equipment to be upgraded. Describe it and the reasons why PowerPoint should be used for the upgrade implementation.


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