political science


Details Deadline: the date of the final exam in class.

Must be typed and printed. Hard copy submissions only. No email attachments are accepted.

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political science
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Recommended format: Times New Roman 12 font, single-spaced, 1 inch margins. Maximum score: 100 points (see grading details below)


Find two cases of countries greatly affected by climate, either the present or the past. Climate impacts may include the following: major droughts, flooding, extreme weather events, heat stress, and sea level rise.

  • –  In the first case, the climate impact caused serious problems to the society.

  • –  In the second case, the country managed to avoid serious damage to the society

    by means of a response or policies set in advance.

    For each case, describe:

  • –  What is your country? When did the climate impact take place? What was the

    climate impact? How unusual was it? (12 points per country)

  • –  What was the country’s response, if any? (12 points per country)

  • –  What were the consequences of the climate impact in terms of damage to the

    society (people, property, and so on). (12 points per country)

    Discuss why, in your own opinion, the first and second cases are different; in other words, why did the first country suffer from more damage than the second country? (28 points)

    It is very important that you list all your sources of information.
    Avoid copying and pasting. If you absolutely have to quote a source, use quotation marks:
    No references (-50 points). 

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