Policy Paper


   The assignment requires that each student choose a public problem that requires a governmental response. The public problems should be relatively new concerns, emerging policy problems where there are new public concerns and growing attention on the matter. The policy paper shall be 12 pages, not including the references, tables, figures, or supporting documentation. The paper should be double-spaced, in 11-12 point legible font that is not incursive with 1” inch margins on all sides. 

Papers must include: 

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Policy Paper
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  1. Executive Summary (1p) – Bullet point highlights
  2. Problem Statement (1.5p)
  3. Short Literature Review (2.5pp)
  4. Cost Benefit Analysis Section (all papers must include a cost/benefit
    analysis) (2-3pp)
  5. Interpretation of Data (2pp)
  6. Policy Implications (2pp)


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