Your assignment  is to write “My philosophy of life.” Submit 4-5 pages, (double –spaced) to be turned in on or before May 2nd  at class time.

This can be your general philosophy of life, or your philosophy of life before and after this course, or your philosophy of life as it is relevant to some of the issues we discussed, or your philosophy of life last year as compared to now, or, if something important has occurred in your life, your philosophy of life after this “life changing” event. So, you have a number of different avenues you can take. The best papers I’ve received are students, “philosophy of life.” I am always amazed at the lives of students that I’ve taught. Some students have had lives of hardship, struggle and pain and they’ve survived and continue to be survivors.

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Be creative in this assignment. It is your reflections, not a research paper. Write your philosophy of life however you wish. It’s up to you. 

It may be the only time in your life that you’ll be asked to write your philosophy of life, so keep a copy of this to read 1, 5, or 10 years from now. It may be interesting to see what your philosophy of life was like in  May of 2018

 I will accept hard copies only of this paper, since at times, electronic copies get lost in cyber space and I do not receive the paper, which causes problems when I turn in final grades.

Again, this paper  is due at the final class, May 2nd.  It is important that you turn in the paper on or by this date, since I have to get your final grades in.  There will be no extensions for turning in this paper, unless some dire emergency arises. If so, please contact me.

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