Persuasive Speech



Write a persuasive speech about the issue of why we need more gun control laws? and we need to have the legal age for buying a gun as 21.

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Persuasive Speech
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please include a thesis and note that this is for a speech so don’t use complicated wording. just write it in a very simple and easy language.

The purpose of a persuasive speech is to change your audience’s attitudes, actions, or beliefs about the topic. In this speech, you are not only helping your audience understand your topic, but you are also changing the way they think, what they feel, or what they do.

To Organizing the speech, you should use problem-cause-solution format which means your first main point explains the problem(s) associated with your topic, the second main point explains the cause(s), and the final main point proposes the solution(s). There are several variations of this pattern of organization that might be effective for your speech.

Attached is Problem Cause Solution Template Outline and example of speech outline. Use the two template outline as a guideline to write the speech.

You should develop a specific purpose and thesis statement for the persuasive speech. present your main points and incorporate support materials as you develop the speech.

You should have least five sources. You should include at least three different types of sources and use at least three different types of support materials.   

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