Persuasive Speech


Greetings Class,

I am giving everyone an opportunity to complete the following assignments for an out of class assignment.  

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Persuasive Speech
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visit the Library to get the following resources for your next three speeches

Informative Speech

“”Persuasive  Speech””


only one internet resource

this will also give you an opportunity to include tube and power points into y our speech

Please take advantage of this opportunity 

*the speech is about “eating healthy

don’t forget to add the references and i would appreciate it if you use easy words so it be easier for me to read it.  

PS: This speech has to be from 7 to 10 minutes, no more or less than that 

so when you make the outline try to make it kinda short and do another paper including what im going to say because i wont have the outline on me while im doing it but i still can use a paper to read from it.

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