Argumentative Writing AssignmentIntro, Outline, Conclusion

Due: by 11:59pm on Sunday of Unit 6.

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For the Descriptive and Evaluative Writing Assignments you submitted in Unit 2 and 4, you selected one of the topics below and described your personal experience with it. In the first part


of the select in the

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Argumentative Writing Assignment, you may want to continue with that topic or you can a different one. Whichever topic you select for this assignment will need to be continued second part of the Argumentative Writing Assignment due in Unit 7.

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The first part of the Argumentative Writing Assignment should be composed of three parts: the outline, the introduction, and the conclusion. Do not submit the entire research assignment. Doing so would not fulfill the requirements of an outline. You will not receive full credit if you do not complete the outline.

This assignment is designed to be a start for your argumentative writing assignment. The argumentative writing assignment requires that you form an argument in favor of a specific position on the topics below. In the assignment, you will be using three academic and scholarly sources to support your position. You may use the article that you included in your evaluative essay as one of the three sources for this essay. Please also remember that two articles should be in favor of your position and one article should feature the counterargument.


Based on the readings, begin crafting the introductory paragraph to your argumentative research essay. Make sure to include the thesis statement at the end of the introduction. Your introduction should provide a brief overview of your research topic and grab the reader’s attention.

Outline of Supporting Paragraphs

In your argument, include at least two points that support your thesis statement as well as the counterargument. You should also include the names of the three articles that you will be using in your research and indicate where they will appear in your supporting paragraphs. One of these articles may be the article that you evaluated for the Unit 4 assignment. You should also include a reference page with an entry for each article.


In your conclusion, be sure to wrap up the essay by briefly summarizing your main points, restating the thesis in a different way, and ending by leaving the reader with something to think about in regards to your topic.

Follow these additional guidelines when completing this assignment:

  • Include a minimum of three APA in-text citations

  • Include an APA reference page with a minimum of three entries

  • Include an APA title page

  • Include a running head

  • Be objective and avoid using “I,” “me,” “you,” “we,” or “us.”

  • Be sure to use the Writing Tips page to help with your APA formatting and other

    resources provided in previous units of this course.

  • Use your sources to support your thesis statement and argument, but make sure to show

    the reader the other side of your argument to avoid being biased.

    Students: Be sure to read the criteria, by which your paper/project will be evaluated, before you write, and again after you write.



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