Your paper should be between 4½ and 5 pages typed, double spaced, using a conventional 12-point font with one inch margins on all sides.  Deviation from this format will result in a loss of points. Save your paper in Microsoft Word and upload it.  Do not save it as a pdf file or type it directly into the box.

Spelling and grammar always count.  Papers will be graded on both content and the quality of writing.  This paper will be due on Friday December 2 by midnight.  Submit papers to the dropbox on Blackboard.

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This assignment is a simple reflection writing on your internship experience.  I want you to think about your internship experience and what you learned from it.  The following is a list of questions that you could address: 

How did your internship experience affect you? 

What did you learn from it? 

What experiences confirmed what you already knew and what experiences challenged your pre-existing notions

How have you grown or changed during the internship? 

Who were your role models and why? 

What character traits did they have that you hope to emulate? 

How did the internship make you more competitive for the job market? 

How are you better prepared to enter the field of criminal justice as a result of the internship? 

What skills did you learn that you plan to use in the future as a criminal justice professional?

What skills do you need to build, develop, or practice to achieve your career goals? 

You will all have had different experiences to greater or lesser degrees even if you worked for the same agency so the above list should not be seen as a complete list of questions to answer or seen as a list of questions you must answer.  They are just suggestions of the sort of questions I’d like to see answered.  The main thing I am looking for is a genuine reflection on the experience showing you took your internship seriously and tried to gain as much from it as you could.  If there were other aspects of the internship not covered in the list of questions, please feel free to incorporate those into your paper.

While you may use outside sources, there is no need to for this paper.  The only source is you.  If you choose to refer to some outside source, you may, if it strengthens your paper, but be sure to cite it appropriately.

Turn your paper in through the drop box on Black Board and good luck to you as you enter the field of criminal justice and criminology.  Be safe, take your duties seriously, and stay woke as much as you can.

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