ONLY FOR ESSAYS GURU: 1.5 page representation for the Mustang Film.


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ONLY FOR ESSAYS GURU: 1.5 page representation for the Mustang Film.
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Representation is a way of recreating the experience of reading a text for an audience that is less familiar with or less invested in the text than you are. A good representation aptly combines summary (and its attendant skills paraphrase and quotation) with analysis and interpretation, pairing compression with expansion, considering both the material of the text (content, story, narrative, theory, message) and its construction (language, style, metaphor, assumptions about and relationship to the audience, context). This is an important tool for any writer because it’s highly transportable: being able to represent a complex text quickly and efficiently will make you better able to orient your readers, grounding them in new material so that you can dazzle them with your subsequent insights about it. It will also allow them to see where your ideas come from. (Being able to represent a question or problem is an analogous task, and analogously useful; the persuasive power of the solution or response you propose has everything to do with how you represent the problem it addresses.)


Write a Representation of 1.5 pages.


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