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The final exam is to be no less than 5 pages, typed, double spaced in New Times Roman font, size 12 with 1” margins. A cover page and a references page should also be included for a total of 7 pages.  There are many questions/discussions asked for in the final exam instructions that need to be thoroughly discussed.  The points for your grade will be determined by how in depth you address the questions posed.  This being said, a 5 page paper may not be extensive enough to full answer all the questions and may result in a lower grade if everything is not addressed.

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Sources should only include peer reviewed journals, current newspapers and periodicals, and/or textbooks. Wikipedia is not acceptable as a valid source. 

The final exam should be submitted to the Dropbox by the due date saved in Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format.




From Both Sides of the Bench

Facts, History and Statistics

Related Reports: “Little Criminals”


In your final exam (report) discuss the following:

Discuss the different cases presented?

Do you agree with the sentences given? Why or Why not? Back up your opinion with information obtained from your textbook, this website or other sources listed in your syllabus

What signs, as discussed in your textbooks,  did the juveniles present or not present that may have been a sign they were destined for the crimes they committed? Back this up with information obtained from your textbook, this website, or other sources listed in your syllabus

If the juveniles were tried as adults, should they have been? Why or why not? Your opinion should be backed up with information from your textbook, this website or other sources listed in your syllabus.

Is juvenile crime rational? Discuss how these juveniles actions prove or disprove the classical school of criminology or the rational choice theory 



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