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In this week’s reading, you learned about conflict resolution and its value in working with young children. In addition, you read about how children learn through exploratory activities and investigative play. Based on your reading, please respond to the following:
  • Create a scenario outlining the steps in conflict resolution and in appointing a problem solver as found in this week’s reading, “The Problem Solver Job: Peer-mediated Conflict Resolution” by Shanna Whitchurch and Jackie Sprague. Appraise each step for its value in teaching conversation skills to preschool aged children.
  • Create a learning station (learning center) that promotes exploratory activities that builds language competencies for preschool children .
  • Revise this learning station for one that promotes investigative play and tell why the change fits the definition of investigative play.
  • Examine the advantages and disadvantages for teacher guidance in the learning stations? Keep in mind that the goal is to promote language acquisition in the preschooler. Please be sure to support your answer with research and references.


NAEYC. The program solver job. Peer mediated conflict resolution. Teaching Young Children, 5(2). Retrieved from

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