Myth Finding Assignment


Short Paper 1: Myth Finding Assignment

Choose a goddess found in any pantheon or mythology in any region of the world. She can be one that is found in our reading from Week Four. Explain her place in the pantheon, what are her areas of concern, and any other important information about her. Either briefly describe how she interacts with humans or share an important story about her interaction with humans. Then, find three similar or borrowed versions of that goddess. These versions can be from other pantheons, mythologies, analyses, people appropriating the goddess for corporate or other modern/post-modern means, etc. For each of the 3 versions:  (1) Give a summary of each of the 3 presentation of the goddess; and, (2) a short explanation that compares each of the three versions to the original.

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Myth Finding Assignment
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Your paper should be about 500-750 words long. 


Short Paper Grading Rubric (10 Points):

  • Paper includes responses to all prompts listed in assignment (4 points)
  • Paper reads well. Ideas are clearly described. Proofread text is without typos, and grammar problems (2 points)
  • Critical thinking: students use ideas from learning resources and researched sources (which are properly quoted or cited) to explain the points they seek to make in their paper.  (2 points)
  • Learning resources and researched resources are properly cited with in-text and end of essay citations (2 points)

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