Museum Assignment



Assignment Parameters: 2 pages, typed, double-spaced with 12-point font. You must include an illustration page (image) of your chosen work of art and follow MLA formatting guidelines. Also, make sure that you answer each question. This is not an essay, but a response to an artwork. In other words, you should number and list your responses.

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Museum Assignment
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Description of Assignment: choose an artwork from a local art museum or public art space that connects with one of the unit 2 or unit 3 themes discussed in class (see syllabus topics beginning week 8). In other words, pick a work of art in which the content makes reference to war, peace, power, gender, class, race, the body, nature or the spiritual.

This is an analytic and personal reflection assignment. It requires critical thinking so that you can properly analyze the content of your chosen artwork and make reference to class themes. This assignment also requires a discussion of your thoughts and feelings in relation to the work of art.

Criteria for Evaluation: Your assignment should answer the following questions and address each criterion. It will be graded accordingly:

  1. Identification of the Artwork and Illustration: Take a photo of your chosen artwork (as allowed by the institution) and include yourself in the photo. In your assignment, use your photo as an illustration of your artwork and provide a label with the artist’s name, title of work, and date of execution. Use MLA formatting guidelines for the label. (5 points)
  2. Formal Analysis: discuss the work of art in terms of the elements and principles of design. Discuss at least 3 elements and 2 principles of design. (15 points)
  3. Analysis of Content and Context: clearly and accurately describe and analyze the content. Briefly discuss how the work of art exemplifies the particular period of its creation (context). Use 2 academic research sources to support your analysis of content/context. In what ways does this work of art reflect a theme that we discussed in class? Discuss at least 2 ways in which the content connects with a class theme. (25 points)
  4. Personal Reflection: explain fully and clearly why you are drawn to this work of art. Include your thoughts and feelings in response to the work of art and the way in which it connects with class themes. Why did you choose this artwork (think about which visual aspects impacted you)? What about the content (class theme) was personally interesting to you? (20 points)
  5. Writing Skills and Works Cited Page: Present your findings in writing that is well organized and mechanically competent. Use of art history terminology is required. Remember to spell / grammar-check and proofread. The college-level assignment should follow MLA guidelines. At least two academic sources are required. List all research on a bibliography or works cited page. (10 points)

(24hours,  Location:Madame Tussauds Hollywood,  Recommend:The Body)If you can not open the photo  please tell me.

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