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This reflection paper is about what I done in the whole semester.

These are the Professor instructions. 

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Mother of Writers
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This is a chance for you to reflect on the semester and to persuade the reader that you are prepared for the writing demands of your future college classes.

1-you have to refer to all 3 essays (what you learned from them).

2- Discuss progress as a writer 

3- Accomplishment 

4- Plan for future as a writer.

The essay should be 3 pages .


1-    In the first assignment we talked about Junk food. I learned from that assignment that we have to cook our food in our home because it’s healthier.


2-    In the second assignment she told as to visit to different places and write about them, I wrote that I visited MacDonald and Chills’ restaurant. I learned from that assignment how I use the comparison more effectively.


3-    In the third assignment she required from as to create a blog web, I learn from that how I do the web site and organize my ideas.


4-    The last assignment is the assignment that you wrote Hala food, ( you have to talk about this assignment the most ) you have to talk about this assignment a lot and what you learned from writing it.



I leaned these things too 

1- One idea per paragraph 


3-devolpe the sentence 

4-strong introduction 

5-use although statement 


6-peers review 

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