Module 09 Written Assignment – Case Scenarios



Case Scenarios


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Module 09 Written Assignment – Case Scenarios
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For each of the following cases, write one paragraph explaining how you would handle the situation. Be sure that your explanation is clear and complete.


Case 1: Plummeting Productivity


Several months ago we hired Joanne, a very experienced transcriptionist who originally worked at twice the productivity of the other transcriptionists. After a few months, Joanne’s productivity dropped to the level of her coworkers – half of what she had originally been producing – but still meeting the minimum standard. She could provide no plausible explanation for this drop in productivity. Is she obligated to transcribe at the rate she is capable of, or is her current level good enough?




Case 2: A Question of Authority


You recently started a job as the manager of an HIM department. You’ve learned that the current assistant manager had also applied for my job and is very unhappy about not winning the position. She has been undermining your authority in the department and often goes behind your back to do things her way. How can you resolve this problem?




Case 3: Alternative Work Schedules


Some of your employees have been requesting to work flexible hours. They are coders, and are making the argument that coding can be done at any time of the day, as long as they work their 40 hours per week. You have told them that you need to consider the options and how it might affect the department. What do you think are the benefits of offering alternate work schedules to employees? What, if any, are some disadvantages? What are some of the things that must be considered before this decision was made?






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