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Paper #5:

Argument Paper

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For this last major paper of 105/106, you will be choosing your own topic. The topic should be something that you can make a claim about and something that can be researched. For more help thinking through a possible topic, think back to our in-class writing activity and look to the Eschholz et al. (Writing) article. Once you have chosen a topic, write a working thesis. You will then have meeting with me one-on-one to discuss this topic and to get your topic approved by me.

The next step is to then go do research on your topic. Follow some of the steps in Eschholz et al. (Writing) to help make your paper really strong. We will then have two in-class Peer Workshops as usual. You will turn in a draft to me online and then, once you have revised, you will submit your final project.


MLA format: 12-point Times New Roman font, 1” margins, double-spaced

Length: 7-10 pages (not counting the Works Cited page)

Sources: 4-8 Credible sources (found in database, primary texts, peer-reviewed

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