metal music response


Option #1

The purpose of the community unit was to expose you to a variety of research methods that discussed how Metal communities are formed, why they are formed, and even how metalheads become metalheads.  One of the most important aspects of Metal culture is the strength of the community—be they local-like Dayton, or Global, like much of the rest of the world. Having the communities is crucial for the continuation of the music and culture, more so than any other type of music.  Your job in this formal response is to select one of the articles we read in this unit and analyze it by examining the quality of the argument, how well the authors address community, the type of research, and the amount of clarity in the writing.  This assignment is NOT a summary of the article you select.  You must make an argument about the overall quality of the article based on at least two of the four points listed above. The response should be 2-3 pages long, typed, double spaced and following MLA format. If you quote or paraphrase material from the text you select (which you should), then create a works cited page. This assignment is worth 30 points.

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metal music response
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Option #2

Rather than selecting one of the articles to analyze, as in Option #1, for this response select two metal songs that address community in some way.  Your job for this response is to decide which of the two songs does a better job addressing community by examining the lyrics.  Your thesis for this response will detail which of the two songs does a better job discussing community and why.  You will need to compare/contrast the two songs, quoting from their lyrics and then explaining why and how one song is a better representation of community. Like in Option 1, you are making an argument and defending your position by providing evidence to support your perspective and explain why one song does a better job looking at community than the other song.  Be sure to include a correctly done works cited page because you will need to cite the two songs you are using in your paper. The assignment is 2-3 pages in length. This assignment is worth 30 points.  

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