make sentences flow, check the grammar errors.


If I need to choose an interview to direct on the stage, I would like to choose Chung Lee‘s interview.

In the late afternoon, Chung lee and his son is in the conference room in the Korea Town. Chung lee wears white shirts and black pants and his son wears big tee shirt and black jeans like other teenage Americans. Chung lee’s face was distorted by rage and sadness and his son is just sitting next him without any expression.Chung lee closed his eyes for several minutes and barely starts to speak in the public, what happened in that day in Korea Town and what he lost. As he could not speak English, he speaks in Korean and his son starts to translate. However, it doesn’t seem like his son also fully understand what his father is saying. Chung lee’s voice is very slow and sometimes he shacked his hands. He emphasizes in the public that he lost his a meaning of living, and at the end of the conversation, he could not burst in crying. 

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make sentences flow, check the grammar errors.
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I just tried to show Chung lee’s rage to lost his meaning of living,his son is became Americanized to show the characteristic of second generation of immigrants. That’s why I put his son’s clothes like other teenage Americans and his son speaks English while couldn’t speak Korean perfectly. To make atmosphere darker and calm down, I choose Chung Lee to put black and white clothes, this one also refers his emotion.

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