Literary Analysis Essay 4 Pages


If could be done as soon as possible, that will be the best.

I need a 3-4 page paper of a Literary analysis in the humanities with MLA Annotated Bibliography.

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Literary Analysis Essay 4 Pages
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Select a short story that is related to gender issues – along with resources that are critiques of said short story. Hill Like White Elephants by Ernest Hemingway is one I have chosen and have reported to my professor, if that is not a story you would like to use I’d be willing to discuss.


Using at least 3 peer-reviewed critiques as support, there must be a thesis relating to Gender Roles.


Here is a sample essay that I have found that is similar to what my teacher is requesting:

While this is an example, I am hoping for a better quality essay.


Again, the sources MUST BE credible, peer-reviewed critiques that can be found using google scholar and other databases.


I refuse to pay for something that is not acceptable.


I have two other papers I need done, if this one is done well I will request services for the other two.


Thank you so much for any help recieved.



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