LEISURE TIME MINI-SPEECH—-at least 250 words




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LEISURE TIME MINI-SPEECH—-at least 250 words
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TIME LIMIT: 1-2 Minutes



  1. To practice using visual aids while delivering a speech.
  2. To practice organizing, preparing and delivering a speech.




The “Leisure Time & Visual Aid” assignment is a short 1 to 2 minute mini-speech in which you tell the audience (your classmates and instructor) about your leisure time activities. Plan to use a few (2 to 3) small or portable visual aids in a large brown paper bag to help explain how you spend your spare time (i.e. snickers bar for eating chocolate, a game piece for chess, a picture of your best friend, a movie poster, etc.). Your visual aid must be an actual object, not a picture of an object printed out or on the computer.  If you don’t use a large brown paper bag, then you will receive one point lower for your objects in the speech (both “displayed objects…” areas).


Plan to develop your speech using the following outline:


Introduction:    Identify when and how much leisure time you find in a given day or week. Tell how you find the spare time and the number of objects you will use to explain your leisure time activities.

Body:               One at a time, pull the objects from the bag. Holding or displaying each one the entire time you are talking about it, describe how it explains what you like to do with your leisure time.

Conclusion:       Explain what your choices for spare time activities reveal about your personality and/or your life.

Topic approval: Not required for this speech, as long as it meets the criteria described here.  As for speech topics, each speech must be on a completely different topic from the previous speeches.  For example, for your Current Event speech, you may choose an article about basketball.  For the Leisure Speech, you cannot then choose basketball as part of your speech, or how basketball works for your Informative speech, and so on.



·       Choose visual aids that fit the assignment and are portable in the brown bag.  They have to be actual objects, not pictures of objects.  Prepare your presentation by jotting down notes that fit each part of the speech outline above.  Next, read over your notes and determine what will fit in the 1 to 2 minute time limit. On an index card (4” x 6”), write down key words to jog your memory while delivering your speech (you will need a formal preparation outline for this speech, only a note card).

·       Practice your speech several times (before recording it) with your note cards and your visual aids so that you know it fits the time requirements.

·       When you give your speech, you must be standing up and the camera shot should be of you from the waist up and the large, brown bag must be visible. Be sure that there is no background noise or distractions while you are recording your speech. Try to make a special effort to speak loud enough so we can hear you easily and to display your visual aids so all can see. In addition, try to speak conversationally and look at your audience (the camera), NOT your visual aid. SMILE. Glance only occasionally at your notes.

·       Watch your video to be sure it meets the requirements in the Guidelines to Recording document.  If it does not, then re-film your presentation to avoid submitting a speech which will be failed or rejected.

·       After you submit your speech video, you should watch your video again, and complete the self-evaluation on Connect. This counts as part of your speech grade. If you see a problem with the video, notify your instructor immediately so it can be reset by the deadline (remember, you need to give your instructor at least 36 hours to respond to an e-mail, then your instructor will need time to reset the speech, and you will need time to upload it by the deadline; uploading takes time.  It is recommended that you upload your speech initially at least 3 full days before the due date (5 is recommended) in order to allow enough time for a reply, reset, and re-uploaded speech before the deadline.

·       You will receive up to _25_ points for delivering the Leisure Time & Visual Aid Mini-Speech, using visual aids effectively, fulfilling the time requirement, and covering the three parts in the outline.



___        Large, brown paper bag and 2-3 small items (not pictures of items) shown during speech

Leisure Time Mini-Speech – Grading Rubric


Each line is 0-2 points (unless noted), 25 points total possible.




____ Identified how much & when you find leisure time

____ Described how you find spare time

____ Described how many objects you brought to explain leisure time activities





____ Displayed objects one at a time as you described how you spend your leisure time

____ Displayed objects so all could see them





____ Explained what your spare time choices reveal about your life and personality





____ Looked up occasionally while speaking

____ Smiled occasionally at audience

____ Sounded extemporaneous and conversational (not memorized or read)

____ Projected voice so all could hear easily

____ Used appropriate & audience-inclusive language (avoided slang or profanity)





____ Fulfilled 1 to 2 minutes time requirement

____ Delivered speech while standing (not sitting)



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