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Investing in your community is a great way for people to give back to their community . Volunteer groups and non-profit organizations provide a lot to help the communities that all of us are a part of, but these organizations cannot do it alone. I think that giving back to the community is good for all people to do. As a community we should help those that have much and are less fortunate than yourself. It is not all about just giving money, but giving your time as well. Most people do not understand because he or she does not have a good knowledge of giving to their community, because for some they do not realize what we have. A community cannot survive without each others help. I think that how each person is part of a community, also means its like we are all related to one another or family and not just a place where you live. I think that all people should give back to the community, whether it is your time or finances. When people give their time they can help keep the community clean, safe, and environmentally safe for yourself and your children. Citizen can work with their chambers of commerce, because they have several areas that they can show people that need work or things that need done. Recycling is good for your community and is good for the environment as well. This can make a huge impact on your community. I think it really matters that people give back to their community so your community will always be there for you or your children or even their children. I have volunteered for the animal shelter for around a year at one time. I enjoyed doing it as well as fostering animals until they were ready to be adopted out. I still do this with the BLM and foster horses until they are healed, or tame enough to go to a new home. I also try to at least twice a year donate money to a few organizations as well as the hotel I manage that donates once a month. I recycle at home and now I am doing this at the hotels I manage. It has been a huge success doing this. I would like to do more but with work, school, my animals, and family I do not have much more time to do anything else. I think that a happy and healthy community is there when others give their time and effort to keep it that way and environmentally safe and friendly to.


Response #2


Ethical egoism would suggest that the community should take care of itself. I believe that individuals have a responsibility to his or her community and giving back is a duty. “Everyone has at least a moral right to the basic goods of agency and others in the society have a duty to provide those goods to all.” (Boylan, 2009, p. 13). This idea suggests that everyone has a right to receive help but where would it come from if no one is there to help give it. If the community fails it is only a matter of time before it affects the individuals. In example, if the government fails the citizens if the United States it is only a matter of time before this trickles down to individuals. To prevent this failure the individuals pay taxes that the government uses to give back to the community. The United States has welfare, Medicare, and simple things like community recreation centers. Every individual citizen has a right to use many programs provided by the government. This is a duty for people who are privileged to help those not so privileged to give a chance to pursue the “American Dream.” Helping people to stand up when they cannot do it themselves. The statement of giving back to the community goes back to the adage of leaving a place better than you found it.

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