Journal Week 6


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Journal Week 6
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I would really appreciate your help in completing this assignment. If you take this on, please have it to me before noon on the date I request. This is really important.

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Attached you will find the research paper to complete this assignment. 

Topic: This week, you should create a collage that represents your research project in some way. It must be a pictorial representation of your project in some way. The collage can include words as well as pictures. It CANNOT just be an outline or written summary of the project. You can either create the collage on the computer or you can manually assemble one and take a picture of it. Your collage must include a MINIMUM of ten graphics.  Whatever form you chose, you will post the collage so that the entire class can view the collage.  You will do this by attaching the collage or cutting and pasting it into the discussion box below.  

For the journal component, write a summary of your goals with the collage and explain how the pictures and/or words you chose/created represent your research project topic. You will submit the written component of the journal on this page by attaching it to the discussion below.  Be sure to title the description differently than the collage title if both are submitted as attachments.  There will be a single grade assigned for the collage and journal which will be assessed with the rubric on this assignment.

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