Journal/ PowerPoint Assignment



Journal Three

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Journal/ PowerPoint Assignment
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Journal Entries should be well thought out and contain a minimum of 500 words of double spaced entry no larger than 12 point font. Please take time to reflect on the questions. Please submit by due date and in Word Document format. (Points will be deducted if not submitted in this form) ALL TOPICS MUST BE ANSWERED FOR FULL CREDIT.

Topic Seven:

Make a list on today’s journal of everything you ate and drank Yesterday no cheating!! Think hard about when and whyyou ate something….

Our culture makes a big difference in how we interpret ourselves. Unless you are motivated to make changes in your weight in order to live a healthier (not more “beautiful”) life, chances are that you won’t succeed. How do you feel about your body, your weight? If you are not happy, why not? What lessons did you learn from your parents about weight? Is our culture influential in how you look? How? Why do you think people are so unhappy about their weight in America? Why do you think so many people are constantly on a diet? Why do you think we have so many overweight individuals, especially children? 

Topic Eight:

How does you ethnicity rate with cardiovascular risks? Make notes in today’s journal on the cardiovascular risk factors that you have learned from the chapter readings. Are your factors controllable or uncontrollable? Why or why not. Is there a heart-healthy behavior change that you can make? Have your blood pressured measured and record it. You can do this at a local drug store or stop by the fitness center and we can take it for you. What steps can you take immediately to reduce your risk of heart disease?

Topic Nine:

Did you know that more than five million Americans have cancer and are alive today? How do you think you can decrease your risks of contracting cancer? What lifestyle changes will reduce your cancer risks? Are you practicing certain behaviors that put you at risk for certain cancers? Has anyone in your family or a close friend been affected by cancer? If so, how did you deal with it? What will you do if you get cancer? What are you doing now in your life that puts you at risk for this disease?

The Challenge of Aging Project:

Your Critical Thinking and Communication skills will be assessed through a 500 word essay or power point presentation. Your assignment deals with the inquiry, analysis, evaluation and synthesis of the information in Chapter 17 and will address written communication and critical thinking.


For this assignment you will complete a project addressing the topics listed below. You will need to read and study Chapter 17 in your textbook for additional information.

Topics to address:

  • Create a personal action plan for aging. (5 pts)
  • What resources will you utilize for long-term care? (5 pts)
  • What personal health issues will you have to address as you age and how will you address these issues? (10 pts)
  • How will you prepare yourself financially into the future; dealing with, retirement, continuing to work, health care, living arrangements? (10 pts)

PowerPoint Presentation:

You will create a power point presentation using a minimum of 8-15 slides. Your presentation should have the following information: Title, Definition, and all other applicable information. Specific topic requirements are addressed below. Your topic should address the topics listed above using Chapter 17 from your book. Your presentation may receive additional points based on creativity/ color scheme/ neatness/ professional look/ complete-correct and up to date information, and more than all the required information. All presentations should have your name within them.

After you have referred to Chapter 17, please create a 500 word essay or power point presentation exploring the above topics. Explain your finding and how this affects your personal aging plan. Partial credit is not given for any assignment.

This must be submitted as a word document or Power Point by the due date.

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