It is a formal outline for an english essay paper



  1. Develop a formal topic sentence outline.  (Review the information on Outlines in the General Resources link.) Include the following in your outline:
  1. Write the prompt at the top of the outline:   Will allowing guns on college campuses make them safer? 
  2. Provide a clear thesis statement that responds to the prompt.
  3. Provide topic sentences for each body paragraph that offer arguments that support the thesis (NOTE: you need at least THREE body paragraphs)
  4. Include an opposing argument (remember to develop a rebuttal for this point in your essay)Include supporting evidence under each topic sentence (in the form of a quotation, paraphrase, or summary that you plan to use to support the point you are making). Be sure to cite from at least FOUR of the assigned sources. (See Purdue University’sOnlineWriting Lab handout onQuoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing if you need help.)
  5. Include MLA-formatted in-text citations for each quote/paraphrase.
  6. Add your works cited page to the outline.  Refer to the Owl at Purdue site if you need help. 

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It is a formal outline for an english essay paper
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