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(3-4 double-spaced pages) on the reading themes in the Culture textbook (e.g. “Language and Communication” or “Ethnicity and Race”).  Using the chapters assigned for your chosen theme from the Conflict and Conformity textbook, briefly summarize the main arguments of the articles and discuss how they relate to specific points, or illustrate key concepts, in the assigned Kottak chapter.  You may also argue that they provide evidence against the Kottak chapter, but you must back this up with specific examples from the readingPapers should be double-spaced, 12 pt font with reasonable margins (generally 1” margins), and carefully proof-read for spelling and grammar.  Please put your own name, your teaching assistant’s name, and your section time on the top of the paper, and number your pages.  A guide for reading and writing is provided beneath the class schedule, as well as the criteria upon which grading will be based


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Paper Formatting

  1. Papers must be typed and double-spaced, with one-inch margins on all sides.
  2. Proof-read carefully for spelling, grammar, and sense.
  3. Number your pages.
  4. Refer to authors by last name. Referring to an author by first name is not acceptable in academic writing.
  5. Book titles are in italics and article/chapter titles are in “quotation marks”
  6. Sources are cited within the paper in parentheses (Nash 2001:56-58) and a list of all references cited must be included at the end of the paper.


Grading Criteria

A         Clear mastery and understanding of material that is demonstrated through active engagement and critical analysis; synthesis of course material in a concise, cogent, and creative manner; demonstration of the interrelationships between various theories, ideas, concepts, and paradigms that are used accurately

B         Active engagement of ideas, concepts, and theories, but occasionally vague or imprecise. Generally well-written.

C         Basic understanding of the substance of course material; application of concepts and ideas are superficial and do not clearly demonstrate student comprehension of the material; imprecise or erroneous use of language and concepts


D         Incomplete grasp or use of course material; failure to address the topic of the assignment

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