i want to someone help me for Microeconomics


I need ur help to my essay .


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i want to someone help me for Microeconomics
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 First and foremost, you will be writing a paper, 5-8 pages in length. You will need to start with a cover page to include your name, class, topic, etc. It doesn’t have to be in any special format, just include pertinent information. Also should include a resource page. With those included, you are looking at now a 3-6 page paper. Should be double spaced, 1” borders on all sides, and font of a reasonable size (Arial, Times New Roman size 12 for example). The paper should include how the company benefits from the topic of the article as well as your opinion about why or why it shouldn’t be legal.  Find a current economic event, be careful in your selection in that you must be able to relate it to Microeconomics (you can use Macro as well) and that it pertains to one business (can be multiple, but you will have to select one).

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