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Length: 3 FULL double-spaced pages-approx. 750 words

Assignment: For this essay, you will thoroughly describe the steps and stages of a complicated process. You will want to pick a process that is complicated, with multiple steps and sub-steps. Make sure it is a task that you have performed in the past and have a thorough knowledge of everything that must be done to complete the task. Do not pick a topic that is so simple that it can be completed in a few steps. Carefully consider your audience, taking into account how much basic knowledge a person would typically have who would read your essay. Remember instructions are a vital part of communication and often people are called on to assemble, connect, or use a product or perform a task. On the job and in life, you will need to explain processes and procedures.

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Note: You do not need to use references or sources, but if you do, you must cite them properly and be sure to quote any passages taken directly from the source. Use APA format.

Submission: Please submit your completed rough draft to this unit’s peer review discussion. You will submit the revised, final version of this essay in unit 3.


Format (Use this as a checklist):

  • Place your essay’s original title, your name, and the university’s name on the title page
  • Put the page number in top right-hand corner
  • Make sure all margins are set at 1 inch all the way around
  • Double space the entire essay
  • Do not insert extra spaces between paragraphs
  • Use 12 pt. Times New Roman font
  • Indent the start of every paragraph 1 tab

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