i need somebody good with old american movies like 1940s or 1950s and write me a research paper about 11 pages.



try to stick with these dont use too much from any webistes

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i need somebody good with old american movies like 1940s or 1950s and write me a research paper about 11 pages.
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Your subject for this paper can be a focus on a genre you appreciated most (Film Noir, Pre-Code, WWII, Westerns, Musicals, Silent Comedy, Mystery/Crime, etc.). Or you can select a decade and organize your paper around a thesis that says something important about that era. In this class we studied films since the silent era through the 1960s. Your sources should include two or three films that illustrate your thesis, but as Corrigan advises, narrow your focus and don’t go broadly. In fact, I suggest you read Corrigan’s chapter again on conducting film research; it’s invaluable. This paper is not a critical essay like the first paper; it’s not simply about opinion but it requires support from reliable, well-informed sources that illustrate your thesis, also called a Central Statement or Argument. You need to use 2 or 3 flims from 1940s or 1950s, i want it high school writing so its easy to understand and i need it this wensday so december 6- 2016. i need it to be 10 to 12 pages. work citaion and references are necessary. Mla style. I will not accept any paper that features only websites as sources and I insist on the use of your texts; academic, peer-reviewed journal articles; and other books, periodicals, and newspapers, and then websites that you can authenticate as scholarly in nature, factually accurate, and credible and verifiable as sources for this course REQUIRED TEXTS: 1. Sarah Kozloff, The Best Years of Our Lives, BFI, 2011. 2. Timothy Corrigan, A Short Guide to Writing About Film, 9th edition, Longman, 2014. 3. Peter Lev, The Fifties: Transforming the Screen, 1950-1959, University of California Press, 2006 4. Paul Monaco, The Sixties 1960-1969, University of California Press, 2003.


remember gith school writing and work cite everything

i need it this wensday


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