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Students will choose their own topics related to General Psychology; any issue addressed in the text or discussed in class is appropriate.  The goal of the paper should be to present recent findings on a particular topic; students need not propose or conduct their own research.  Students may also feel free to include personal experience, anecdotes, or opinion related to the topic, so long as it is relevant. Please choose a topic about which you are interested!
The paper must follow APA format.  It should be  5 pages in length, not including the title page or references. An abstract is not necessary.  One-inch margins and 12-point font should be used.  Students may consult the library website, a reference librarian, or an APA Style Guide (available in print and online) for further details regarding use of APA format.
Students should utilize at least 5 references. References must consist primarily of articles from peer-reviewed journals and books related to your area of study.  It is also acceptable to include literature from other reputable sources (e.g., university websites, government offices, or major newspapers), as long as these sources do not comprise the bulk of your information.  The best source for locating appropriate references is the FGCU library website.  Students may feel free to consult the instructor regarding the appropriateness of sources or articles.
The paper will be worth 100 points.  Papers will be graded based upon the following criteria:
  • Quality of content
  • Appropriateness of references
  • Proper use of APA format
  • Grammar, writing style, and organization


Students are welcome to submit topic ideas, preliminary reference lists, or rough drafts for review prior to the paper’s due date.

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