i need 15 sourses in each of them 150 words


you are to discuss a minimum of 15 sources on your AB. You prepare your AB just as you would a Works Cited page, but it is titled accordingly and contains additional information. Below is a link to a sample AB. 

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i need 15 sourses in each of them 150 words
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  here is the subject = God Made a Farmer, on you tube 


 i want 15 sourses talking about the same subject each sorses have 150 words at all is going to be 2250 words 

15 Sources

Approx. 150 words about each one, explaining what the source is in terms of format, summarizing its contents, and explaining how it related to the course and/or a particular paper that you wrote for the course. You can also explain why you decided not to use the source, if that is the case

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