humanities term paper


 The term paper must be on a topic approved by the instructor, and should reflect the focus of your individual theme for the ENG 112 portion of this learning community. Term papers will be no less than five full pages of text and should not exceed ten pages, although it is OK to go a bit over on the page limit. However, you should not, under any circumstances, turn in less than the minimum pages of text, which does not count the works cited page, space taken up by illustrations, etc… All term papers will be done in size 12 Times New Roman font, double spaced and will follow MLA format. All term papers will have a minimum of two print sources (books, professional journals, magazine articles, etc) in addition to the textbook (it is expected you will use it as well) and two electronic sources (legitimate websites, NC Live, etc). Students are encouraged to use more sources and to use additional sources such as interviews, site visits, etc. Note: definition of legitimate websites will be discussed in class but students are encouraged to discuss such sources with instructor prior to use. 

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humanities term paper
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The topic is: The Invasion of Technology.  

The issue that I have selected to research and write about is the 

privacy concerns that is govern 

around different technological devices and how they are 

used. Many concern citizens are 

bothered by deployment of surveillance devices and software that allows the everyday phone, 

laptop, webcam, and so forward be used to surveil you and your private home. The 4th Amendment was established protect the US citizens from being invaded from government officials and their entity.  

I will also need a powerpoint presentation to accompany it.  The presentation will be done in PowerPoint (or similar presentation software) and should be no less than 8 slides, to include a title slide and a works cited slide. The presentation should have no less than four images illustrating the term paper topic and may be complimented by bullet text explaining key points.  The presentation will be timed and should take no less than 4 minutes and no more than 6 minutes. There is no maximum limit on slides, but again, keep in mind that the presentation must not exceed six minutes. 

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