homework 4




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homework 4
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When writing a Cause/Effect paper, one must take a scenario in which the event caused particular effects to occur.  Then the reasons for this must be explained (why and how).  We have read two comics this semester that deal with very calculated events.  Your task for this last paper is to look at those events quite specifically.  Choose either V for Vendetta or The Dark Knight Returns and write about the following:




V for Vendetta


Event: V’s rebellion


What is the cause of V’s rebellion against the established government?


What effects does this rebellion have on the government and on English society?  Explain…




The Dark Knight Returns


Event: Batman’s return


What is the cause of Batman’s return?  Why did Wayne retire in the first place?


What effects does his return have on Gotham City, on the villains, and on Batman himself? Explain…




Standards and Criteria




·        750-900 words


·        Typed in standard 12 pt. font


·        Double-spaced


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